How headhunting Indonesia companies have re-aligned their hiring strategy post COVID 19 outbreak?

The outbreak of COVID 19 put a stop on everything and one of the worst affected sectors was recruitment. As per companies offering services of headhunting Indonesia the hiring budgets of the client organisations are severely affected due to COVID 19. As the challenges grew, the head hunting Indonesia companies were required to review their hiring strategies in order to align them with the business goals of the client organisations.

Here are some of the newly adopted measures:

  • Internal mobility

In order to keep the cost on a lower side, the headhunters are advising the clients to go for internal mobility plans by upskilling and reskilling the existing employees. This helps in employee retention and cost reduction.

  • Strategic hiring

Instead of aggressive hiring, the recruitment firms are not pressing upon strategic hiring. This helps in reducing the cost, but also, helps in building a strong culture of the team in the organisation. Since, there is no dearth of talent in Indonesia, the companies are spending their synergies on getting the top notch candidates for both mid and senior level positions in order to build a strong team.

  • Referrals

Another good tool often taken into consideration by headhunting companies has been employee referrals. This helps in speedy recruitment at a lower cost on one hand and reduced attrition rate on the other hand.

  • Social media hiring

This is the universe of social media now, with everything happening there, then how can recruitment be left behind. The social media platforms such as LinkedIn plays a key role in hiring freshers and even experienced individuals. The advantage associated with social media hiring is that a pool of talent can be achieved for selecting the best one. Such pools can not be obtained through any other source of recruitment.

  • Re-hiring

Another new and innovative concept popularised by headhunting firms for hiring cost rationalization is re-hiring of the employees. The re-hired employees form a strong team as they are already well-versed with the company's culture and policies. This is one of the best concepts of recruitment in the present scenario.

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