Potentia Hr-Headhunting Indonesia With Refined Executive Search And Development

Potentia HR is Indonesia’s top executive search and headhunting company with schemes for HR consulting and focuses specifically on Retained Executive Search. An International company which works for advanced hr services by employing an organized executive search process and trained employees. In this 21st Century, for any company to be successful it's necessary for almost all HR business ventures to have an organized and systematic working programmes. This headhunting Indonesia was founded officially in 2006 as a joint venture by top companies like Northstar, Principia Management Group, Akraya, Melbourne Management. In 2012 this recruitment agency got restructured in the 2013 and become a dominant member of AESC. For head hunting Indonesia there needs to be specified services that brings out the most productive results. Potentia focuses on advanced executive services in different areas to produce better results. 

HR Consulting, Executive Search, Outsourced Recruitment, Executive Coaching and Training, HR Due Diligence, Psychometric Assessments, HR Audit, HR Policy and Manuals, HR Advice on legal matters and Performance Management are the prominent services provided. It also has provision for Job vacancies in sectors Ike Banking, Logistics, MFCG, Minerals, Consulting and Metals, Manufacturing, Automotive, Engineering, IT, Legal, Marketing etc. Various sectors are being handled like MFCG, oil and gas, banking services, finance and human resources etc. Being a member of the popular worldwide HR specialists network organization Cornerstone International Groups, the authenticity of the company is ensured. They totally maximize their search investments by presenting the clients with HR solutions that are totally integrated. The main focus is on Executive Search but it also emphasizes human capital as in today’s world, simply getting the right candidate is not enough. 

They only take assignments for which they are thorough of. Also it makes sure that all data of the client company is dealt professionally. The candidate information is presented in a complete form which is done only after taking interviewing and getting permission from that person. The sole solution for scarcity of human capital is by partnering with a reputed and credible executive search and HR Consulting Company like their's. Potentia rectifies this by coming up with necessary  strategic Organization and HR development procedures. Having numerous executive search firms, the company has also bagged noteworthy awards and honours like Cornerstone President's Award 2018, ESQ Certificate, Hogan Assessment Certification, Export Award, Export Award 2018. The company's dedication and stability is proved through these. Some noteworthy businesses served by the company are Croda, Clariant, Estee Lauder, Accenture, Loreal, Warburg Pincus, Hitachi etc. . So with all this, one can label it as an all-round hub for executive works. 

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