Challenges that top recruitment firms in Indonesia can solve

To get the respect of the C-suite, you must have a good recruitment plan based on the organization's long-term goals. Below are seven real-world difficulties that businesses encounter, as well as an explanation of how recruitment company Indonesia can assist solve them when properly staffed, resourced, and given a seat at the table.


Candidates are hard to find 

Talent teams should deliberately account for growth goals and plan for vacancies before jobs become vacant by incorporating recruiters in strategy sessions. Understanding the company's long-term goals allows recruiters and HR professionals to be proactive in recruiting and building a strong talent pipeline, lowering the time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, and revenue lost due to unfilled positions.

Roles remain unfilled for longer periods

An average of 13 hours is spent by talent acquisition experts sourcing applicants for a single position. Recruiters won't be able to fulfil the company's increasing hiring demands if they spend nearly a third of their work week on a single job. A fully staffed recruitment team can find applicants fast, identify skilled individuals, and fill positions before they become too costly.

Bad retention 

Hiring the proper individuals for the position is the greatest method to enhance retention. How? Knowing who recruiting managers require and how the company's leadership perceives the job can help the company succeed. The IT industry, notably software employment, has the highest turnover rate at 13.2 percent, making it even more important for recruiters to have access to relevant corporate information in order to make the best hiring choice.

Bad hires cause profit loss 

It saves you time, money, and terrific workers if you get the appropriate individuals in your open desks the first time. A recruitment agency Indonesia, when appropriately staffed and resourced, may ensure that the right individuals are in place to avoid wasteful turnover and assist the business in meeting its growth objectives.

Bad communication 

Professionals in talent acquisition are your boots on the ground when it comes to getting your organisation to where you want it to go. To put it another way, you'll need people to help you achieve your company's objectives, and you'll need an internal team to help you locate them. The more your personnel staff participates in larger dialogues, the more likely you are to hire the appropriate individuals.

Bringing top recruitment firms in Indonesia into the fold as soon as a position opens ensures that they get the information they need to find the top prospects that leadership and hiring managers are looking for. Talent acquisition experts can't ensure the job seekers they find will fulfil the team's needs unless they have a seat at the table and an ear on these talks.

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