How recruitment firms in Indonesia tackle candidate dropouts?

The Top recruitment firms in Indonesia are facing a high volume of candidate dropouts as the biggest recruitment challenges. This has even emerged as thee common woe that comes in the path of talent acquisition for the HR Managers who are looking for revamping the existing job positions with the best available candidate in the market.

Each and every worthy candidate comes with a multiple suitors these days, hence facing the situation of candidate dropout seems to be very common for any recruitment company Indonesia. Here are the tips that are to be kept in mind that helps tackle this situation:

  • Attractive job description

The prime reason for candidate dropout is that the offer given by the other recruitment agency seems to be better and more convincing to the candidate in demand. One of the greatest thing a recruitment agency can do is to work superbly on the content that can excite enough the professionals. There are good candidates available in the market who look for challenging yet interesting job positions and job descriptions. 

  • Work culture

The biggest fear that the employees usually have at the time of switching the jobs is whether or not they will be the right fit in the work environment of the new organisation. They all look for a welcoming and inclusive work environment where every prospective employee can work with zeal and enthusiasm. The pandemic has showcased that the right work culture is the key to survive in the turbulent times without having much impact on the revenue generation. It is quite impossible for any organisation to overnight create, what we call is a rich culture. The existing employees are considered to be the mouthpieces that talk about good or bad culture. The potential candidates can be retained in case the recruiters clearly give the cultural hints and signals.

  • A seamless candidate experience

Each and every conversation the recruiters do with the candidate before finalising the candidates and onboarding them is considered to be the courtship period. This is the time when the candidate judges the recruitment company on parameters such as consistent behaviour, appreciation, right messaging etc. These factors go a long way in sending the signals to the candidates whether to dropout or continue. The recruitment agency has a great role to play in this regard in ensuring to convey the story of the company, its culture and other processes to the candidate in a manner that the candidate remains assured that the prospective employer is a trustworthy organisation.

With hiring showcasing the signs of a slowdown, the recruitment agency Indonesia needs to employ the above mentioned tips to tackle the candidates from dropping out at the very last minute. By tackling such dropouts the recruitment firms can speed up recruitment process and stay ahead of the competitors.

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