Role of a top recruitment firm in Indonesia

Recruitment agencies are companies that can help find suitable candidates for job vacancies. These recruitment agency Indonesia also work with several other companies in order to find the best recruitment for vacant positions.

They source new job opportunities, optimize and verify CVs and then shortlist suitable candidates. After a suitable candidate is shortlisted, the agency will then guide them through the entire process of interview. Their main task is to streamline a head-hunting process and find the best talent for vacant positions.

Why do you need Potentia HR?

Recruitment is a time-consuming task and most firms often do not have enough time to do this. They will also have to go through a lot of applications to shortlist a few which makes it a challenging task. This need can be filled by Potentia HR, a recruitment company Indonesia. When employers need the right candidates for a specific job and do not have the time to find these people themselves, they can come to Potentia HR. They do the legwork so that the employer only has to deal with interviewing applicants that have already been shortlisted.

Potentia HR process

Our process starts with getting a list of all the vacant job positions from the employers. Then we place advertisements in job boards and other listings. We also look for CVs that are being uploaed in these listing platforms. With the job description and recruitment in mind, we go through application in detail and then start shortlisting candidates. We search for CVs and resumes that fit the job requirements the best. We then select individuals that seem like the best candidate for the job. We then arrange and coordinate an interview process between our client or the employer and the candidate.

Benefits of hiring Potentia HR

Availing our services can be immensely beneficial for your candidate search process. We have an in depth understanding of the industry and can offer candidates information regarding the job description and other important details. Our agency provides you the added benefit of helping you prepare for the interview. We do this by offering tips to crack the interview and we also give you a run down of the history and work culture of the company.

Some of the other benefits we offer are advice on how to better your CV, coaching on how to crack the interview, feedback from interviewer after each interview, updates on finals results, rejection and selection, specialist advice on a particular field of work, offering you more relevant jobs. We not only help candidates but also help businesses. This is what makes us a top recruitment firm in Indonesia. Big reputed companies will have many candidates applying for their posts. This might not be the case for small scale companies. But Potentia HR can sell your company in such a way that candidates would want to apply for your post.

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